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Google it right now…

I am in complete and utter shock! In case it is not common knowledge already, Scotland's national animal is a UNICORN! What even?! My face was exactly like David Tennant's!

Hey, grass swimming is totally possible, just not in that area.

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Reasonable pick up line in class

lol truth! remember the answer, we´ve all been told this at least once! Hetalia makes everything 10 times better #America #Hetalia


The Power of Fiction…

Amen. Words can't really describe how much I love this. >>> This is exactly why I read. I will always repin this!


Best school day ever.

This is awesome.

when my best friend and i are together for a long time it is like we are tyring to outweird each other.... so true

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Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Ooh snap, Cpt. Sparrow wins!

Funniest thing i've seen in a long time 😄😄😄 captain Jack Sparrow jokes Pirates of the caribbean