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    Even Gallifrey came back before Sherlock. This is terrible, and yet terribly funny.

    Sherlock - THEY DID THE THING


    Serious shock faces for a serious show

    I don't ship Sherlock/John but this is hilarious and I had to re-pin I ship Johnlock so freaking hard

    You always say such horrible things

    HA! yea, I was sad when Sherlock stepped off that roof, but this was funny..I'm obviously more of a Doctor Who fan if I'm not as outraged as some other people

    That's a head canon thing I expect. But it makes a lot of sense of why Sherlock would be so darn protective of her! That is a terrible theory! But it is a great reason for them to be so protective! I would personally like to Slap Mycroft in the face now!

    Saving people, deducing things. The family business.

    Did Britain just out-British itself?

    Made me laugh out loud both times

    "Actually, it's NOT our division. Anyone who does ten minutes of research into the Sherlock fandom can tell that we are NOT coping." <-- THIS

    It's funny because it's true: Even Moriarty came out before season 3

    Never not funny.


    Sherlockians, the most intelligent lunatics you will ever meet. Yes, it is true.

    MY. GOSH.

    Stephen Moffat and Russell T Davis mind-melding. (Sherlock "His Last Vow" & Doctor Who "The Empty Child")

    Sherlock Socks | Mens- Don't care if they're Mens. I'm still buying them.

    Poor Watson.