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Not From Concentrate is a webcomic that use to run daily in The Diamondback, the independent student newspaper of the University of Maryland, College Park. It is created by Thomas Dobrosielski. Unf...

I will be collecting different pieces of math humour I find on the net and posting them here.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.” The name of my blog as you may know, if you’re a follower, is Cow Pasture Chronicles. The name has a special …

Cartoon: algebra making this stuff up (medium) by rmay tagged algebra .

Please form a y = mx + b

I am a professional mathematical concept disrupter which believes that the study of mathematics is like air or water to our technological society.

Single, but happily taken

Single, but happily taken – Zero Talking

#mathhumor #nerdhumor Thanks @rj_kirton.03.13

This funny math cartoon from Off the Number Line questions why we consider improper fractions a negative thing. We are only supposed to use improper fractions at school.