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Matchbox holder--for lighting gas range before pilot lights or when pilot lights went out, grandma had this.

My mom used this type of washer when I was a kid. I remember wringing out clothes through that wringer on top!

There is something uniquely beautiful about a typewriter and writings from one.. Its What REAL writers wrote on. And though I love my pen and paper, I WILL have one of my own someday:)

Que escritorio más chulo. Acostumbrados a la generación 2.0, portatiles, pantallas tactiles, lectores de Ebooks, lamparas halogenas y led, esto da un aire de paz y quietud que me embarga.

Old Type.. How many rewrites, correction paper, white out, did I use in those years?

A. W. Faber Typewriter Erasers - I used these a little bit, but they were on their way out. These were for manual typewriters mainly.

Another contemporary to mine (Daddy's old Underwood). No. This one's even older. Like Grandfather Matthiew's on the farm.

I remember this!! . . . yes, and I remember when the price went UP to 10 cents . . boy, am I old.. LOL

Label Maker. I still have my dad's and all the unused tape from the 70s

Typewriter in a box... yep, I had one! My sister and I use to type up our articles for the school paper the night before deadline on one of these. @Quilted Cupcake

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Old School Paper Cutter. Used one many times. Ha - as a former teacher I can say a lot of public schools still have and use these!!!