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    20+ Google Form Teachers Should Not Miss - oh so perfect for accessing and completing formative assessment on a mobile device!

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Leader in me iPad 7 habits: This is pretty clever

Fantastic List of 100+ Cities that support the Flyover Capability in Apple Maps: This is perfect for World Geography, Setting, and Creative Writing!

Use CANVA to Create BADGES for Staff and Students:

Find Out More about the Book Creator Ambassador Program... Not an iLesson but it is a fantastic collection of educators and resources!

Back to School with Canva: 30 Minute Webinar focusing on Canva Exemplars, Benefits of Using Canva, and Canva Hacks ;)

With new technology... comes new responsibilities and etiquette - This is a must read from Carl Hooker...

Why App Smashing with Tackk is HOT!!!!

Link that Thing with Thinglink... Love all these Fantastic Ideas and Examples for using Thinglink for Pre-Teaching, Introducing Academic Vocabulary, Table of Contents, Anchor Activities, Annotating Work, and Sharing and Showcasing Student Work...

Scoodle Jam Lesson Ideas (FREE iBook): In “Follow the Leader,” students ages 8 to 10 navigate the coordinate plane while playing a game. In this exercise, the leader uses the graph-paper template in the Scoodle Jam app to communicate coordinates to the follower, who must then graph them. This lesson helps students master the basic skills needed for advanced work, such as solving equations with two variables. For more lesson ideas, reference this free book:

Film and Animation Lesson Ideas (FREE iBook): Use apps to help hearing-impaired students experience sound through visualization, rhythm, movement, and vibration with “Can You See Sound?” The FREE iBook shows how students can experiment with dynamic apps such as Soundbeam, ToneGen, VideoFX Live, Keynote, Visual Poetry, and TypeDrawing to connect with audio.

“iPad Enhanced Geometry” (FREE iBook): In this featured lesson, visual learners grasp concepts by finding geometric shapes in the classroom. They snap a photo with their iPad, then use the Skitch app to draw and highlight geometric concepts. Students then create videos on what they learned using iMovie, ShowMe, or Explain Everything. For more Math lessons using apps, get this free book:

Stop Motion Lesson Ideas (FREE iBook): “Sneak Peek,” is one of the lessons that uses the Stop Motion Studio app. Students create a book trailer promoting its imagery, symbolism, or theme. Students select a scene they feel best illustrates their point and then create a storyboard before making their video. The class then watches and discusses everyone’s creations. For more Stop Motion lesson ideas, use this free book:

10 Innovative ideas for using apps in the classroom (includes FREE iBooks to support each lesson)

Sketchbook Express Lesson Ideas (FREE iBook): “Mirror, Mirror” is one of the STEAM lessons centered on drawing a self portrait using the symmetry feature in the SketchBook Express app. Students ages 5 to 11 research other artists’ self portraits and decide whether to mimic a specific style or create their own. They then show their understanding of the human face using drawing and color tools. For more Sketchbook lesson ideas, use this free book:

Apple Distinguished Educator Lawrence Reiff modernizes Shakespeare in the high-school classroom with “If Shakespeare Could Tweet.” His lesson helps students understand point of view using apps like iAnnotate and Notability to manipulate original text. Imagine students reducing Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be…” soliloquy to a 140-character tweet! They then move on to using iMovie to create a film, complete with voiceover soundtrack —or they can create a graphic novel using ComicLife.

Going Paperless: An Interactive Guide...

My Paperless Classroom Journey with Notability: Getting Started

My Paperless Classroom Journey with Notability: Digital Resources. Very thorough!

Love using Comics to Illustrate a Recipe or a Steps in a Project and even include Ingredients or Supplies - would be great for an Art Project too. (This one in particular is for Pajama Eaters)

"Notability for Teachers" (Includes tips for how to use the Notability #edtech app on the iPads to organize student data, progress notes, and assessments!)

Here Is How to Use iPad As A Document Camera in Class. My favorite of these apps is the Stage (few people know just how awesome it is).

Digital Interactive Notebooks with Book Creator

Here is a great first day of school idea using Osmo! In this workshop, students get to experience taking a self-photo and sketch out their own self portrait. 1. Students will start by taking a selfie with the iPad. 2. Teacher demonstrates choosing an image to draw from the camera roll and changing the visible lines. 3. Students begin tracing their photo and drawing a self portrait. For more ideas on how to revolutionize your classroom with Osmo, visit:

Sharing a Collection of 12+ Smooth Tools/Apps to Effectively Create and Curate for Educators (includes fully interactive guide and a back story on blogging and ed tech pollination)

Bloom's Taxonomy and YouTube