Snow Train, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Dang I love this shot! I have got to find a train in Pensacola to take photos of. By Hoffmann

Wernigerode Castle, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Union Pacific Steam Engine # 9000 - Only one type of this 4-12-2 steam engine was built: the Union Pacific Railroad's 9000-series or class of locomotives. ALCO had obtained permission to use the conjugated valve gear invented by Sir Nigel Gresley. This system used two hinged levers connected to the outer cylinder's valves to operate the inner cylinder's valve. The 9000 class locomotives were the largest to use the Gresley gear feature.


Love this picture.

A camelback locomotive (also known as a Mother Hubbard or a center-cab locomotive) is a type of steam locomotive with the driving cab placed in the middle, astride the boiler. (Wikipedia)

Now THIS would be a good way to spend a day. Imagine the views! Snow Train, Wernigerode, Germany. DREAM JOB

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Cafe Wien, Wernigerode, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany by i.prinke on Flickr.

Puffing Billy steam locomotive takes tourists through Melbourne, Australia's Dandenong Ranges several times a day.

Snow Train

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*The little train that could~~

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Orient Express

Lost Tracks of Time Steam Engine Cumberland West Virginia - steam train - there's something really awesome about a steam train barreling down the line, smoke stack pouring out pure power in all it's awesomeness... and glory... get the hell off the tracks or get mowed down and left for disaster in it's wake...

Snow Train, Canada

Picture of details of a vintage steam train driving cabin. I can remember my Uncle Charlie with his oil can going along the train as it waited at the station for departure time.