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with about 100 more, this turns into a really sweet little ruffly wreath. (Can't think of this fabric: crepe? Something like that.)

I made this and it turned out super cute! I had the exact same ornaments as in the picture and I found a similar wreath at Hobby Lobby for $2 dollars, it was totally worth it and it matches my tree!

Charm woven bracelets. Would love to try this one. Just wish it would have written instructions as well and would lead back to a regular webpage instead of more of the picture.

Tulle wreath. Inspiration. This pic inspired me to make my first shabby chic wreath. I used pink tulle, white lace, and wrapped a large string of tiny pink beads all around it. To make it fuller, I also added scraps from an old sheer pink curtain I had laying around. Don't want to toot my own horn here, but I love the way it came out!!!

Horchow Inspired DIY Spring Flower Wreath - Easy Craft Anyone Can Do!

I've always wanted to make a wreath! Probably won't make one this fall but I'll still Pin it:)

heart wreath - I'm pretty sure I could make this some how :)

Custom cakestand~ A plate, Elmer's Stix All, a candle holder and your favorite color spray paint ON THE BOTTOM ONLY...Not to come in contact with FOOD!! :o)

DIY charm bracelets. Use charms of your sorority's symbol as a great gift for your big/little!

shabby Christmas wreath (not quite blue-green, but the concept would transfer to many color themes.)

Perfect project for all my saved dry flowers from my hubby:))

This lady had some really easy diy re-upholstery tricks for items with only cushions.