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How great are the mountains, to remind us of our place. Humans are merely a speck in the landscape of life.

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we-all-belong: “ temperatures: “ Big Sky, 2012 by Jocelyn Catterson ” I’m so excited to go hiking this summer. Either im going to climb the highest mountain in Vermont with my friends, or go on a two.

Craving the green

travel-as-a-happy-hippie: “ clarityfairy: “ charleyzheng: “ My life these days. ” I want this life ” ~Let’s chill in my Hippie Van~ ”


Minnesota has lots of gorgeous area that are perfect for outdoor camping. However, you might find it hard to pick the ideal spot to camp in given that there are so many choices. Here are 4 excellent places to go outdoor camping in Minnesota that you.

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hike the beautiful trails of gimmelwald in the swiss alps, one of the most amazing things I've done

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This picture kind of shows what I want in life. My biggest dream is to travel around the world with my friends.

So excited to be back on the mountain

Ah yes, camping! It is a wonderful pastime that can bring families and friends closer to nature and each other. Camping is an exciting and fun way to experience nature, but there is a lot of information that you need to know before going.

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Im Aaron, I love to live, and live to love. I love to explore, adventure and try new things as frequently as I can. What is life if you never dare to see what you are truly capable of?


This pic just gave me that feeling in the pit of my stomach. I HAVE to do this someday. Hiking through the beautiful mountains with nothing but a backpack :)

The Best Things to Do in New Zealand. #travel #newzealand

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