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Ishihara sensei (Hanshi 9-dan) from Okayama Prefecture finds a beautiful opening for men against his opponent (from the 9-dan competition, Kyoto Taikai) #japan #budo #kendo #waza #menuchi

Kendo. I appreciate the skill but those uniforms they wear seem cumbersome. I'll stick to Kung Fu.

"This is a kata but an old one. It used to be called Dai Nippon Teikoku Kendo Kata. Uchitachi (The person with a longer sword) is Sasaburo Takano sensei. Shidachi (the person with a short sword) is Hakudo Nakayama sensei. That looks like No.1 of Kodachi. Takano sensei's men strike is really beautiful."

VentureOut for Kendo Kendo lesson;Japanese style of sword fencing

Kendo takes dedication, ferocity, and an absolute sense of inner peace and serenity that can only be found in a martial art.