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    Ishihara sensei (Hanshi 9-dan) from Okayama Prefecture finds a beautiful opening for men against his opponent (from the 9-dan competition, Kyoto Taikai) #japan #budo #kendo #waza #menuchi

    12th All Japan Kendo 8-Dan Tournament_110


    Kyoto Taikai Kendo / 京都大会 剣道

    The Last Swordsman: The Yoshio Sugino Story

    12th All Japan Kendo 8-Dan Tournament_072

    Kendo. I LOVE thetension.

    12th All Japan Kendo 8-Dan Tournament_130

    kendo ~

    61th All Japan KENDO Championship_178

    Kendo -Japanese fencing just doesn't quite describe it

    Kyoto, Japan

    Kendo 剣道


    Iaido 13 katas

    Kendo Taikai / 剣道大会

    Japanese Kendo

    61th All Japan KENDO Championship

    I need Kendo in my life and I MUST have it. #martial arts #fighter #kendo


    2002 U.S. Open champ Serena Williams plays in a “catsuit.”