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Words cannot describe how much I need this. #harrypotterforlife

Ultimate Gryffindor Set, created by nearlysamantha on Polyvore

Cardigans and harry potter have joined forces and created probably my favorite article of clothing in the entire world.

Gryffindor school uniform phone case- good thing i dont have an iphone but i still felt the need to pin...

Gryffindor - House of: Bravery, Chivalry, and Courageousness Gryffindor corresponds roughly with the element of fire. Possible Zodiac Sign/s: Aries (Taurus and Leo)

The Lion. Awesome Gryffindor T-shirt, pinned from Comes in women's cut too! $20.

Wow, this is absolutely stunning. Not sure whose art it is, though. Anybody know? -Harry Potter-