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Amen! If someone is a true friend, they wouldn't say things about you to others. Especially to boost themselves.


Lay down, try not to cry, cry a lot…

This message was in front of a Alzheimer's patient's room at my dad's rehabilitation hospital. Bien triste comme affiche, mais tellement vrai.

*everyone needs a friend who cares!! I never gossip I find it tacky and shows ones true character. If you feel the need pray instead of running your mouth. Pray even if you never speak ill of someone when you know they don't have it together or are going through something! Be like Jesus :) LOVE <-- this. So hard to do but we really shouldn't be talking bad about people.

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My sister in law told me this in 1990 when I questioned the 7 years it would take to go to law school. She said " the time is going to pass anyway..." That was deep. Tomorrow, I am picking a jury.