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OOoooo can somebody do that for me sometime? Meagan Wilkerson I'm looking at you....

A lot of these nails are incredibly awesome, but the word is INCREDIBLE. Meaning- I don't believe or understand how this person did her nails like that. But this one looks simple and cool!

Love the Simpleness: black, glitter tip w pink accent nail

Cloud nails Cute, now this one i can actually see doing just for fun.. some of those other ones just get crazy and confusing to even get on other people!

Tiffany Nails... bottom left are so.. not tiffany at all. But I love them all & i have done the dandelion ones! ♥

Part of me kind of wants to wear a dark vampy red lip with a simple eye for the's so pinup yet so fitting for fall as well :)

black lovers (like me), rejoice! a black-on-black take on the always-red-carpet-ready french manicure.

"! Pick off your heart" ** There is not a tutorial and I had to scroll before I found this ~ Just and FYI**