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    • Clay Morgan

      Franco Bollo Postale. These stamps were from independent Italian states before the unification of Italy through the 1860s and 70s (Italy actually fought three wars of independence). These are specifically fro m Roman States, which started issuing their own stamps in 1852, and discontinued in 1870, when they joined the unified Italy and started using Italian stamps. The problem? There are A LOT of forgeries of Roman States stamps out there. I bet these are forgeries but we'll see.

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    5 reasons why your kid should collect stamps

    Turkey P152. A newspaper stamp.

    Belgium P27. This is a newspaper stamp from Belgium, used to mail newspapers within that country.

    Austria PR2. This is a newspaper tax stamp. Austria taxed newspapers being mailed from foreign publishers to addresses within Austria.

    These three stamps are part of a set of Haitian stamps printed in 1914. According to the Scott Catalog, a large quantity was stolen while being delivered from the printer, so the stamps were never made available for sale at post offices in Haiti. They feature then President Oreste Zamor. His presidency was short lived. He overthrew his predecessor on Feb. 7, 1914 and in October, he himself was overthrown and ultimately assassinated. From 1911 to 1915, Haiti had six presidents.

    This is the first postage stamp Haiti issued. It was printed in 1881 and is imperforated. It featured the "liberty head" on the stamp, very much in the French style of the time. Haiti is a good country to collect because all their stamps are affordable and one could actually complete a full collection. Also, there are many forgeries, so it makes collecting genuine Haitian stamps challenging.

    In 1865, The United States issued newspaper stamps that could be used to bulk mail newspapers and periodicals within the United States. This was discontinued in 1898. Here are six newspaper stamps that I picked up recently in New York City. While they may appear quite plain, what is hard to see here is that they are engraved with intricate and small details designed to prevent forgeries.

    A "judo" stamp from North Korea.

    Airmail stamps issued to commemorate the 1984 Olympics, but this cover has a beautiful cachet depicting judo.

    My Rush first day cover is in!

    A new addition to my stamp collection, given by a friend. Commemorates Pope Frances.

    1990 LIGHTHOUSES #2474a Booklet Pane of 5 x 25 cents US Postage Stamps . $5.25. BOOKLET PANE OF 5 STAMPS. ~ On April 26, 1990 at Washington DC., the USPS depicted five historic U.S. lighthouses in celebration of the U.S. Lighthouse Service's Bicentennial. The Lighthouse Service is still an important part of today's modern Coast Guard, which also celebrated its bicentennial in 1990. The lighthouses shown on these stamps are the Admiralty Head (Washington), Cape Hatteras (North...

    Currently home to the 14th Coast Guard District Commander, Diamond Head Lighthouse is the last occupied light station in Hawaii. This stamp is one of five Pacific Lighthouses stamps issued in 2007.

    US COAST GUArd postage stamp

    Muscle Cars | Stamp Issue 2.22.13 | USA Philatelic

    Rush Stamp

    Johnny Cash stamp! !!

    My inner nerd wants these.

    Stamp collecting lives on!

    Edgar Allen Poe. While not a formal or big collection, I've been gather stamps that somehow relate to mystery fiction. Poe is considered the father of the American detective story, The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

    Lord Baden Powell.

    1958 #FreedomofPress #Stamp #Photograph #philately #macrophotography ~

    And here is an interesting bit. This letter was mailed to America from Germany around the time of World War II. As you can see on the right, it was opened and examined. This is often referred to as "Postal Censorship" and is a more common practice than some might think during times of war. Pretty easy to find, not worth much of anything, but sort of interesting none the less.

    This stamp is from the Russian Army of the Northwest under General Yudenich. After the overthrow of the Czar in 1917, General Yudenich fled with 17,000 troops to the northwest, where he joined a "Provisional All-Russian Government" to oppose the Bolsheviks. By 1919, he'd pushed the Bolsheviks out, but with no outside support, his army could not sustain, and it disbanded in 1920. General Yudenich settled in exile in France in 1933. This stamp has an inverted overprint, written in Cyrillic.