This outdoor environment has several invitation areas for children to explore, from a wheelbarrow sand pit, to animals scattered all over. Great way to engage children's imagination. - Puzzles Family Day Care Environment. For more inspiring spaces: ≈ ≈

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Gorgeous little outdoor area at Sandringham Primary School... loose parts, rainbow blocks & a mirrored space, image shared by Walker Learning Approach: Personalised Learning (",)

Musical Cave - Puzzles Family Day Care ≈≈

Lovely area for small world play outdoors from 'Erin' - image shared by Five Star Family Day Care Maitland (",)

Loving this slide mound at Little-Pelicans Family Daycare, image shared by Elite Childcare Solutions & Elite Family Day Care (",)

Children can intertwine various materials through this outdoor Weaving Panel, such as ribbon, yarn and string. This unique piece of outdoor learning equipment allows children to use their imaginations to create an artistic design with the weaving materials.

Rocky road at Puzzles Family Day Care (",)

Preschool teacher Tom's outdoor gardening area for the kids.

An indoor garden at The Little Unicorn Honeysuckle - image shared by International Child Care College

Fabulous sensory path at Stuarts Point Preschool (",)

Great article about the environment and Reggio.

Since we don't have a defined kiva area, thought making a willow nest for the kids to sit around would be really cool. Quail make their nests on the ground, so makes sense, right? :)

Beautiful environment from Puzzles family daycare photos (Facebook page).

Paint bricks black with white lines to make outdoor road blocks!

let the children play: seating in the preschool outdoor environment

Stunning outdoor sand area at Puzzles Family Day Care (",)

The mud café at Puzzles Family Day Care has been temporarily changed into an Outdoor Gallery (",)

Mixing rock and rubber tyres as a border for a play pit at an outdoor children’s play area in Darlington, UK

"Let the Children Play". Resource for inspiring ideas, especially for creating outdoor learning spaces.

Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds