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  • Kim Walstrom

    Woolworth's Went here after working at the movie theatre selling popcorn. I'd go to buy a sub marine sandwich.

  • Janice Varvel

    Woolworth's-so many childhood memories going to this store!

  • Vicki Paris-Grant

    Woolworth's, or the "five and ten" as we used to call it, was the place to find anything--even a Tulip Sundae at the lunch counter! Ate grilled chees sandwiches at the counter with my mother. vg

  • Cynthia Shea

    Woolworth's Department Store

  • Helen Sawicki

    Woolworths. Guess they all looked the same. This looks like the one in Plainfield, NJ. This is where Christmas shopping got done every year for me. I couldn't afford anything better on my tire changer salary of when I washed pots for a living.

  • Debra Lorenz

    Loved getting a cherry coke at the soda fountain counter!

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F.W. Woolworth Co. Had one in downtown Tuscaloosa and when we went shopping, Daddy would always take us to lunch at the lunch counter

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Seattle Woolworth Building. We loved shopping at Woolworths (we called it the "dime store" when we were kids...wood floors, all the items for sale were in divided bins (no bubble packs like today). It always smelled like fresh popcorn. Sometimes we'd eat lunch at the lunch counter.

Menu from Woolworths Lunch Counter. such good memories with my mom and great-grandmother:)

Woolworth's lunch counter. One of my favorite things in the world as a kid!

Woolworth's was our "walmart". The best candy section of any store then.

Woolworth's lunch counter~remember this when I was a kid.

Such a treat to go to on Saturdays with friends to buy some sort of trinket and money left to sit at a booth by the window and order a thought we were so grown up!!

Stores had lunch counters, the one's in my area were Newberry's and Woolworth's

Before there were computers, books were checked out this way.

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