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Amplifier Fridge

Beer and rock and roll have always gone together perfectly, but this signature Marshall amp fridge takes it to a whole new level. With control knobs that go all the way up to this incredibly detailed amplifier fridge holds cubic feet of food and drinks

Matchless Amplifiers....one day...

Made in California, Matchless crafts hand built, point-to-point, class A, guitar and bass tube amplifiers. Matchless also builds boutique pedals like the Hotbox.

I think anyone younger than me, with an iPhone would be confused as to what this is.

Cassette Tape iPhone Case

Cassette Tape iPhone Case - Turn your regular iPhone into a classic looking cassette tape with this cool iPhone case. The cassette tape case is flexible

Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler and Kegerator. Can store 30 cases + 4 Kegs AND it has a tap! Why don't I already own this?

Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator

The Brew Cave walk-in beverage cooler & kegerator is perfect for restaurants, bars, or your own high-end man cave. Walk in cooler can store over 30 cases of beer & 4 or more kegs. Complete beer dispensing kit included with the walk in cooler.

Love the stacking cups.... But what is the deal with all the mustache stuff, sorry, but I am so over the mustache thing....

Stacking Mustache Mug Set Multi Colored by TheBeautifulHome.

Okay boozers, here's the beer drinker's equivalent to that stash box that looks like a Windex can. Does this look like a Craftsman toolbox? No one will be the wiser that hidden among all those other toolboxes is a refrigerator where you've stashed a few brewskis or maybe some sandwich fixin's. They'll all be right where you need them after tuning up that hot rod of yours. The 4.4-cubic-foot refrigerator will set you back $350. – Charlie White

Craftworks Refrigerator Thinks It's a Toolbox

getting creative and cool with Craftsman. Don't forget about the man cave or his garage area.

Awesome Innovations: Pen top cutlery

"pen tops, you know, for lunch at your desk. your sad, sad lunch alone at your desk with your pen fork. your liberated breakfast at your desk BECAUSE YOU EFFING WORK AT HOME. Nothin' like being able to work in your pajamas.

The Blood Bath mat can make your bathroom look like that in the motel in Hitchcock's "Psycho".The mat is full of red stains, which look very realistic. It is an excellent accessory for horror films freaks or those, who want to play a joke on their guests.

Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet.