Shifting Planes Landscape Architecture Model by Sharon Clay, via Behance


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Sketches architectural by Mihail Ivantsov, via Behance

Architectural Model

Migrating Landscapes competition. Submission by Acre Architects - regional and national winners, finals hosted at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.

JORGE AYALA: Tectonic Landscapes | physical model

R House / Architecture Research Office

DUECENTOSESSANTA MQ ART PAVILLION / SIMONE BOSSI - The Italian architect won this year's 260MQ International Competition, which encourages artists and designers to transform a certain space into something beautiful and useful. Bossi's Duecentosessanta MQ (Italian for 260 square meters) is a scenic and serene man-made forest and lake in Trento, Italy...

Landscape Architecture

It's really amazing how realistic rendering can be. Even though it can hold some false promise of a perfect building, renderings show what can be done with a space.

Architectural Model - Sobriety Centre by Christopher Webster, via Behance

architectural model

Liane Hancock landscape architecture



Wooden architecture model on Behance


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