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    Oh so true.....which makes it all the more hilarious!

    Facebook.....Too Funny....

    hahah...pretty much.

    OK, totally made me laugh for reasons only a select few will understand

    So true!

    hahah! seriously, stop taking pictures of yourself.

    My husband does this, says 'wonka-wonka' and he wonders why I give him the go to hell look...


    Seriously one of my biggest pet peeves!

    funny ecard texting

    so very true!

    It's so true!

    Facebook funny

    funny phrases - Bing Images

    Soooo True!!! I think I just go to FB anymore to see what some people are posting!!!!

    So true


    So me.

    I think I have an eye injury from rolling my eyes at your 500 daily Facebook updates. No one cares.