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Chat noir * Bogelund - 1924

Black cats

Louis Wain

Watercolor and gouache on board by Nura [Norah Woodson Ulreich] (American, 1888-1950)

black cat

pottering cat playing cards

From the books (or library of) Edward Gorey

Caution: cat at play

Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605, Italian) - Black Cat

Paula Modersohn-Becker (German, 1876-1907) - "Katze in einem Kinderarm" (Cat in the arms of a child), c. 1903 - Oil on canvas - © Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany

Tomoo Inagaki (Japan, 1902-1980) - Black Cat, c. 1960 - Color woodcut

a Persian tabby cat (Felis catus) by George Edwards (1709-1773)

Viola Gråsten (Swedish, 1910-1994) - "Cat 11", 1989 - Pencil and watercolour on paper

¤ Cat illustration by Adrienne Adams from "The Mouse Palace" by Frances Carpenter.

"Return from Market" by Atelier de Jiel

"Rintje" by Dutch painter and illustrator Suzan Visser (b. 1967)

Viola Gråsten (Swedish, 1910-1994) - "Cat 5" - Pencil and watercolour on paper

Viola Gråsten (Swedish, 1910-1994) - "Cat 12", 1983 - Watercolour on paper

Dotty Chase (American Folk Artist)

Kobayashi Kokei (Japan, 1883-1957) - Cat, 1946 - Yamatane Museum of Art, Tokyo

Shozo Ozaki

Dotty Chase (American Folk Artist)

Yong-Ya Ke (Japan, b. 1974) - Ink drawing, 2012

'Ronde des Petits Chats Noirs' illustrated sheet music ~1908