musings of a textile itinerant...

Traveller's Blanket, Dijanne Cevaal

Musings of a textile itinerant: Textile Fibre Forum And Pukka Treasures

Beaded Quilts

Couleur Aventures in Textile

See the World Through Pattern and Colour, embroidery pattern. FAT EMBROIDERY :)

from: Musings of a textile itinerant

by Marianne Burr

Cécile Dachary, autour de la tache, vraiment géniale cette idée !

Pink Druzi Wool Blanket


Tafa List - the textile and fiber art list.

Textile Art

Musings of a textile itinerant

Wow - she makes a sun print and then quilts over it

Handsewn textile, momento mori

embroidered quilt textile fabric art

textile artist chris gray...

limited edition sequoia quilt

Lichens on Limestone II by Liz Brooke Ward - Stitched Textiles