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Does adding salt to pasta make it cook faster? Great for grades 3-6.

I have one of these and it is awesome!! The Sharpener that all the teachers are talking about. It was even made by a teacher...The blog also has a description of her pencil management in her classroom, very clever! I SERIOUSLY need this!!!!

Science Fair: Conductor or Insulator

Science Fair: Preserving Foods

Science Fair: Preserving Foods

Egg dipped in vinegar...neat experiment to do with kids @Kate Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Mazur Del Bene An idea for Rowan's Science Fair project?

Science Fair: Refraction: How Fast Does Light Travel in Air or Water

For grades 3-6

Science Fair-pinning this for later. Been doing projects for years but we seem to forget each time. I think we block it out actually. Not a science fair fan. Lol

Science Fair: What Makes Ice Melt Faster?

Kindergarten Science Fair Project - M's product from Kindergarten-Supplies on TeachersNotebook.com

Penny Cleaning Experiments for a Fifth-Grade Science Fair thumbnail

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Science Fair Boards

Science Fair: Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down?

Science fair project ideas

Science Fair: Do Hand Soaps and Sanitizers Prevent the Growth of Bread Mold? Austin's science project for the month

20 most impressive science fair projects of all time. These bright students are proof that you don't have to be an adult to have amazing, world-changing ideas about science.