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Does adding salt to pasta make it cook faster? Great for grades 3-6.

The coolest website for science fair ideas, you select the grade and they give you ideas

6th Grade Science Fair Project: Does Vinegar Really Kill Germs...

Fifth grade science fair project. Which brand of gum blows the biggest bubble?

Science Fair: Solar Heating and Designing of a Solar Cooker

Penny Cleaning Experiments for a Fifth-Grade Science Fair thumbnail

Science Project - Do family members have similar finger prints?

Science Fair: What Makes Ice Melt Faster?

Science Fair project ideas for every grade level. This science fair project investigates whether tapping the top or the side of the can will stop a vigorously-shaken can of soda from exploding.

Science Fair: Fruit/Vegetable Power ; Powering a light bulb with fruits/vegetables ; Which fruit/ vegetable powers best? My Science Fair Topic for school :) it looks so fun I cant wait to start it I always loved making the light bulbs light up in school with those little circuits <3!!

Science Fair: Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down?

Science Activities: Make a Homemade Thermometer!

Plant cell 3D model for 7th grade science class. Got an A!

white board ideas | Do White Candles Burn Faster Than Color Candles fun project!

Are all sugars the same? Find out if table sugar is the same as sugars found in honey/fruit juice. Great for middle school.

Science Fair: Do Hand Soaps and Sanitizers Prevent the Growth of Bread Mold? Austin's science project for the month

Human anatomy printables; Anatomy; Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Science

TicTac flashlight. Ugh I wish I taught 4th grade and could use this as a "hands on" lesson in electric currents!

Fifth Grade Earth & Space Science Worksheets: Solar System Diagram Worksheet

Watch Your Pulse! Insert a toothpick into a marshmallow and watch your heartbeat. Great for a science lessons