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    These are the hair rollers I had when I was a child. So hard to sleep in!



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    Benders.. I so remember

    Omg, nightmares

    What we used before blow wore a cap into which hot air was blown through a hose / had to Share

    Snap on plastic curlers ... ouch! Remember Nana and Aunt May at breakfast wearing these?

    Picks to style our permed hair

    Brush rollers. I used to sleep on these.

    Haircombs. I wore lots of these in the '70s and '80s!

    Sleeping in Pink Sponge Rollers! Rolled in Dippity Do!

    Loved these guys

    Saturday morning cartoons...

    Dippity Do and pink sponge rollers the night before church...

    Jiffy Pop popcorn - What you popped when you watched "The Wolfman" on the Saturday night special!

    Remember Dickie's...


    Mexican Jumping dad sent me some of these when I was a child and he was in the Navy.

    Mood Rings. Who didn't have one?

    Lady Schick Consolette hair dryer--

    Roller skating rinks..spent so much time there :)

    Remember When??? Moon boots were a 'must have' for me in the late 70's~ Do kids today love them like we did?

    what memories! my hair turned orange :)