A Revolution in Sewing! The Singer Fashion Mate, the sewing machine wonder of the century! This Mad Men Era vintage machine circa 1964 from Surrender Dorothy has been Refurbished and Rebuilt in our workshop from the inside out. She runs just like th

An American soldier dressed for a gas attack during World War I circa 1916.

Circa 1900. "Magnolia Hotel, Pass Christian, Mississippi." http://www.shorpy.com/node/20966 Detroit Publishing

Lion treadle sewing machine circa 1870, made by the Morton Company of Scotland

A Singer sewing machine circa 1860. Isaac Singer invented the most successful sewing machine. They were one of the first domestic appliances manufactured on a production line that used interchangeable parts. Sewing machine production double from 1860-1865. Sewing machines allowed for large scale production of ready to wear uniforms during the Civil war.

Ultra Rare BONITA MOLDACOT Pocket Sewing Machine; Circa 1888

"Grandmother's Predictions" fortune telling machine, circa 1930. Originally made 1929-1932 by William Gent Vending Company.

Antique Child's Toy Sewing Machine w/FW Muller Parrot Floral Design; Germany; Circa 1918

Shaw & Clark Paw Foot Sewing Machine (Also known as the Fire Hydrant Sewing Machine), circa 1860s

Rare American Button Hole, Over-Seaming Treadle Sewing Machine; Circa 1868-1874

Blinkey Eye Soda Mint Gum, working .1¢ vending machine, rare, ca.1907. Embossed cast-iron case, the eyes blink when a piece of gum is dispensed, includes key; W:7 x D: 6 x H: 17"

Rare 1860's Patent Williams & Orvis Treadle Sewing Machine

Rare Antique Cast Iron Clamp-on HANCOCK Toy Sewing Machine; Circa 1860's

Gorgeous Victorian Love Star Antique Chatelaine Folding Scissors C 1890 | eBay

This is a beautiful sewing machine. This would be so much better than hand sewing dresses for the Vahnam girls.

Anchor form machines don't come any more ornate than this! The UK Colchester based Britannia Sewing Machine Co. were responsible for this figural sewing machine delight. Circa 1870.

❤✄◡ً✄❤ Known as the Britannia No.4 model, this Wheeler Wilson type was but one more example of this company's penchant for ornate treadle design. Circa 1870. - http://www.dincum.com/library/lib_britannia_no4.html

Jean-Philippe Worth,1902 -- back view

Imperial Court Costume - Alexander Palace Time Machine - court gown of Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna 1894

Washington circa 1920. Laundry at Library of Congress with steam cabinet. http://j.mp/1TDpH4L National Photo

Florence + the machine (circa. 2009)