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Bunny poop, too cute!!chanda u should do this with ur kids! U 2 amelia and victoria!

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White Chocolate dipped Oreos with a large marshmallow cut in half on the diagonal and then dipped in pink sprinkles. The nose is a mini jelly bean and the eyes are made from a black edible marker. I attached the ears and nose with melted white chocolate chips. Super easy!

Easter Bunny Poop....this addictive treat will have you using your imagination all year long to find an excuse to make these. Corn Pops (puffed corn), candy coating--candy melts, almond bark or white chocolate chips, and food coloring. Use chocolate chips for coating and you have Reindeer Poop. White candy coating makes Snowman Poop or Casper, the Friendly Ghost Poop.

How to make CUTE Easter Bunny Tail Treats! Cream Cheese, almond, coconut candy delight - yum! #itsaparty

Easter Bunny Carrot Dip...well now, that's adorable! {Pizzazzerie}

Orange Bunny Rolls. Pinner says: We made the lime option with cardamom for Easter breakfast. They were. awesome, but untwisted a bit in the oven as they rose (looked like they were trying to run off the pan) Next time I think I'll make the ropes thinner and the twists more losely to compensate for the dough thickening as it rises.

Bunny Bait - popcorn tossed with vanilla candy coating, Easter M&Ms; and pretzels

Adorable and increadibly simple bunny cookies (I'm thinking cotton candy for the tail)

Easter rolls. Remember this.- finally instructions for the bunny rolls!!!