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Fantastic Portraits of Farm Animals “I take the conventions from the fashion world and apply them to the underclass barnyard animal,” Rob MacInnis told The New York Times. via My Modern Animals

A Day at a Farm With Rob MacInnis | Evelyne Politanoff

A Day at a Farm With Rob MacInnis

Rob MacInnis - Farm Family 3

Farm Family 3, edition 8/10

Do you remember Rob MacInnis' fantastic farm animal portraits? To help raise funds for his MFA at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design, Rob MacInnis i

Les Animaux de la Ferme comme vous ne les avez jamais vus (17)

Les Animaux de la Ferme comme vous ne les avez jamais vus

Photographer Rob MacInnis gathers barnyard animals that we selected for consumption and production, and turns them into majestic portrait subjects.

Her family is important  Watch this short slide show on the Humane Dairy Myth here:  http://www.humanemyth.org/happycows.htm

"Animals have families and feelings, and to think that kindness before killing them is an answer is totally wrong. Humans have no need for animal products." - Howard Lynman, former cattle rancher turned vegan

Sumi-e‏ @Callmemary2 (Twitter)  Quand tu croises ton ado avec ses potes et que tu leur dis bonjour.

Group Shot - Llama, sheep, Scottish highland cow, goat, and Polish chicken animal portrait

9 brown cows and 1 bison #agriculture #breeding #farming

trouvaillesdujour: A Day at a Farm with Rob MacInnis-,cows pose for a family photo

Someone is getting a free meal!

laugh out loud cute lol. This happens so very often with many of the animals on the farm. There are some who just have that strong mother instinct and all are welcome.