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الاردن واورجواى


وطني الاردن

The Jordan national football team - aka النشامى Al-Nashama

عاشق الاردن

شاورما الضيعة - الاردن

Aqaba (Jordan)

(Palestine) | Beersheban bedouin costume.

Bedouin woman wearing embroidered coat. ca. 1898-1914. (Jordan) | Photographer unknown { Matson Collection}

The Jordan Flag (made from Flowers).


ka'ak bi simsim/ Semit ... memories!

We Jordan-ize everything

The 99 names of Allah The text on the iwan ceiling of the Friday mosque at Yazd represents a list of the 99 names of Allah. The list begins at the lower right corner and spirals left around the edge and in towards the middle, the end of the list thus in the center. A large part of the names are easily legible but others are more difficult, there are some errors, miss or alternative spellings.




Bedouin dress.

Amman – A City in Motion from Visit Jordan on Vimeo @Roba Al-Assi (Jordan)

Earth Day 2012, Amman (Jordan) by Mohammad Asfour, via 500px

King Hussain Mosque, Amman (Jordan)

(Middle East)