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Susan Beiner: Synthetic Reality (detail)

I don't know what this is but I want it to go away now.

Susan O'Bryne:I aim to give my animals a certain awkward vulnerability. This is achieved through a very personal making process. I make a wire framework on to which layers of printed and patterned pieces of porcelain paper clay are applied to form a skin. The natural twists and kinks of the wire frame and the shrinkage of the clay around it during firing are allowed to dictate the posture of the finished animal.

Bede Clarke Woodfired Vase. Try and get this effect with gold foil or enamel?

Tanya Brett, much as I dislike rabbits in the garden...something pleasing about this piece of statuary.

Todd Pletcher: This bottle is made from white stoneware and wood-fired, 8.5"H x 4"W. The bottle was fired on its side, creating the beautiful ash runs flowing around the surface.

Gerit Grimm. I enjoy the stylized features of this piece, as well as the use of negative space between the arms and bowl.

Heidi Soos - Highland Fairy. Love the texture combination.

ceramic relief: Winter Sleigh Ride by tilebyfire on Etsy, $175.00