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  • Simon Jersey | Uniforms

    Rio De Janeiro travel, culture & design inspiration | Street photography beetle cars #olympics #rio #riodejaneiro #travel #photography

  • Josy Ricci

    VW bugs at the beach Rio de Janeiro.

  • Connie Kouts

    (vw beetles) Copacabana Beach in the ’70s—few do summer better than the Cariocas (natives of Rio de Janeiro). Love the color!

  • Andrea Ryals

    VW Beetles at Copacabana, c.1970 @josephbigfeet punch buggy!! Hmmmmm~! How many is that? I'd say I win! :D

  • Krystle Rose

    Copacabana 1970, Rio de Janeiro love this pic of all the VWS!!! Old school

  • Wong Meng

    VW bugs at the beach ! Nice color .

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after a good long swim, this is what I love to do, sun and rest and read! Perfect day

Not only is a great pic - but stand alone - love the tree (dogwood????) and everyone knows the vehicle is the car of my dreams! Thanks for sharing Fernanda and giving me a great visual.

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✮ Mosaic VW Bug. This is Mexican art made by hand with small beads, pasted together, one by one, with a special wax. The result is simply amazing!!

vintage - The car my Dad bought for the three of us to learn to drive. It was a stick, small and cheap on gas. A quarter would give you a 1/4 of a tank and we could drive all night until our curfew at 10 p.m.

Had one! But ours was purple with a white top. No heat..sausage fingers in the winter from frost bite driving it!!