St Pancras Station, London

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, England.

Classic Victorian Gothic architecture..St Pancreas Station,London

London Pavilion, 1973 and now

St Pauls Cathedral, London, England

Iconic red in London.

LONDON........ PADDINGTON STATION - Dual Faced Victorian Station Clock.

Westminster Abbey, London

St Pancras International Station, London

Victoria Station! My usual London arrival spot when travelling from Hassocks!

London England

Saint Pancras Station, London..London to Paris via the Chunnel

St. Pancras Station, London

River Thames, London, England

St Pancras Station - Things to Do in London

King's Cross St Pancras Station, London. With all it's grime & bustle, it's still one of my Favourites and among the most enchanting places in London.

Tower Bridge, London

St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England

RIchmond , VA Main Street Station

Tower Bridge - London, England. It now has a glass walkway between the towers huts opened to the public. Stunning views.

Photos: The World's Most Beautiful Train Stations : Condé Nast Traveler