Kate Winslet. My heart will go on.

Kate Winslet.

kate winslet

Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of, 'Revolutionary Road'. I wish these two would just get married and be done with it. They belong together.

Anne Hathaway.

Hugh Grant

uma - cate - kate

Julie Andrews. she seems so lovely and kind.


Kate Winslet's Schoenheit. fhu

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Hepburn


julianne moore


Vivian Leigh

Drew Barrymore Love this hair color on her.

Leonardo Dicaprio Autographed Signed 11X14 Photo COA 'Kate Winslet Titanic '

Leonardo Di Caprio - A true acting powerhouse. He's come along way since Winslet could have made room for him on that wooden panel.