Cloud by Caitlind Brown

Caitlind Brown : Cloud

Artist Turns Clouds Into Illustrations. I've actually been wanting to do this

Rome artist creates sculptures in stone...

tree branch shadow light sculpture

great balloon sculpture

Joan Miró Chicago

Art | アート | искусство | Arte | Kunst | Paintings | Installations | sculptures whittled from more than 5,000 pieces of scrap wood…

Antony Gormley: Just love this guy's art

Ron Mueck, wounded boy. Sculpture.

We just learned about this on gin art history One of the most talented artists in history. I'm in awe.

Bruno Walpoth uses simple carving tools to turn pieces of wood (lime and walnut) into human sculptures with detailed features that seen from afar look incredibly life-like

Tablepads, a Dale Chihuly sculpture.

Modern Roger Bezombes Figural Bronze Hand

Giant Eraser by Claes Oldenburg.

Ashley Goldberg

Hand Sculpture

White rabbit


Magritte sculpture

An art installation in the Philadelphia Museum of Art