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Man Kept 6 Dogs Locked In A Trailer With No Food Or Water For 6 Months! Demand A Severe Punishment! |

Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught and the last stream poisoned, will we realise we cannot eat money. Native American

Heartless people dress up dog, pound it with sticks until it DIES! |

Prosecute Workers Who Kicked and Mutilated Cows

Piece by piece, planet earth is being ravaged by those who were assigned its caretakers.

Slowing down, living sustainably, and finding beauty, pleasure, and meaning in a simple life...

It's time to #UnbottleWater!

Hi. My name was Adrian. I was a young and playful pup. They killed me on November 27. The shelter was full and I had to go. Please people, don't buy from breeders. Save our lives instead. Please. It is too late for me, but there are so many more.

The reality of poaching. This (now) orphaned baby Elephant had been rescued by #TheDavidSheldrickWildlifeTrust & has a long road to recovery. His leg was caught in a snare trap & also had a spear wound to his head. ♡♡♡♡.

Several interesting earth homes

IT'S THEIR WORLD TOO! TELL California: SAVE Mountain Lions! Build Wildlife Corridors Over Freeways! 9,132 Supporters - HELP REACH 25,000 by October 18, 2015!


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This is what is ultimately needed. Human change will correct the changes in climate we are seeing. Its not a difficult concept. (April 15, 2014)

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Germany is producing 22 Gigawatts of solar power, equivalent to 20 nuclear power plants, at peak conditions. Even off-peak, it's still significant. It's meaningful enough that Germany is shutting down nuclear plants and reducing its dependency on oil.

10 Photos That Will Make You Never Want To Buy Palm Oil Ever Again

Yolanda Kakabadse WWF: End YOUR Trophy Hunting Safaris in Partnership with USA TH Dallas Safari Club

The Cruel Truth Behind Expensive Civet Poop Coffee

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Hopes for an end to China’s bear bile farms have been boosted as Chinese manufacturer Kaibao Pharmaceuticals announced it has successfully synthesised a substitute for use in traditional medicine." "Animal welfare charity Animals Asia is calling it a step that could eventually save thousands of protected moon bears from farms."

HELP SAVE THE LAST 3,200 WILD TIGERS! GOAL = 500,000 signatures to be delivered to the Chinese Embassy in London in October ahead of the CITES meeting in 2016! By signing the BanTigerTrade petition you will help protect wild tigers by calling for an END to policies and practices that stimulate demand for tiger parts and products, and thus stimulate poaching. PLEASE SIGN & SHARE LIKE A WILD FIRE! Thank you!