YES. Thank you Nordstrom.

21 pictures that will restore your faith in Humanity. Look at them, seriously.

Human Evolution

26 Faces Every Single Retail Worker Will Immediately Recognize @heatherdewey32 I could not stop laughing. It's so true it's painful


Couldn't agree more.

Unfortunately true...

DIY Christmas & Holiday Card Display


Country Christmas


once upon a Christmas mantel


quotes about life

Mother-in-laws...hahah jordyantoinette

So great! Thinking of you today Edith Windsor & Thea Spyer.

pretty much

Working in retail creates serial killers. lol 11 Horror Stories That Will Make You Never Want To Work In Retail

story of my life. or maybe it should say, i already want my KIDS to take a nap tomorrow! lol

On handing down the decline hammer: | 25 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Working In Retail

Next time a stranger talks to me… HAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHA I wish I could keep a straight face to do this.