diy cone bead

very cool paper beads-different

Paper bead jewelry

Tutorial :: How to make paper beads. A whole blog about making paper jewelry.

perle con carta filata, interessante!

how to make paper beads My Grandma Davis made these...I still have a few of her necklaces.

Paper Beads

More Paper Bead Shapes - How to cut the paper to obtain these rolled paper bead shapes.

Tips for #Paper #Beads #Jewelry

An amazing tutorial on how to make paper beads. It also shows different ways to cut them as shown in the picture above. also has lots of other things on her blog that I am going to check out.

Seal Those Paper Beads

Paper Beads. My Gramma used to make these with scraps of wallpaper. The necklaces were awesome!

How to Measure and Cut Paper Beads

How to make paper beads! Finally! Something to do with all those paper scraps and old magazines! #DIY

Paper bead rolling

Tutorial on How To Make Button Bead | Paper Beads & Jewelry Great use of magazines

DIY Paper Bead Dryer

How to Use Tissue Paper to Make Paper for Beads (with Video Tutorial)

good idea to bead shells without drilling holes in them

DIY Rolled Paper Beads (No Tutorial - simply glue/cut paper and roll - you may want to roll around a wax paper covered pencil, etc.) each tube has a word and it's definition. This earring showcases"faith, humor and strength."

How to make a beaded hook and eye clasp.