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The Battery branding by MM

logo by Julia Kostreva



Beautiful example of editorial design. I love the balance and rhythm of the angular shapes that dance across almost each page. The designer created a pleasing shape and balance with the negative space on each spread. Designing every aspect of each page.

Here is another good example of editorial design. The designer used a large type size and gray color of text to balance out the large portrait on the right. The designer kept it simple letting the portraits speak and the large titles to become a part of the artwork.

The Wigwam Cabins. Here is a good Typographic logo. The designer uses warm earthy colors, angular lines and layering to create an Indian/Navajo feel to it. This logo reflects back to the history and story of the name Wigwam but also keeps the feeling of the business modern. Logo by jennifer lucey-brzoza

The black and white diagonal checkers gives it a cafe feel. It has a sense of bringing back the old but keeping it clean and modern (the high-contrast keeps it modern). It works to make the company show case their fresh product in something that is pretty neutral but still has lots of style.

This packaging system looks expensive and elegant. The black, gold, tiffany blue color palette, the real tin, and the glass bottles makes the system look expensive, high quality, and elegant.

I love how rhythmic and artistic this is. It is art, yet it is typography as well!

The colors and image graphics give this packaging system a fresh appearance. The labels are a series of different scents from the same line. The designer created consistency between them by using the same label with just different images and colors to show case the different scents.

This third example deals with a lot of information and quite a few images. I like how the designer didn't stick it into a common square/rectangle shaped grid but instead used circles to reference the title and bring a creative edge to the design.

This second example overlays a large red block of type as if it is an image or a shape. The overlay, the fact that it is red and large type size creates a more graphic affect.

The balance of images on the left page with the two columns of text and bold title work well. The left side has lots of color but is not overwhelming the page on the right. I believe this is because the dark type on the right is contrasting against the white.

This is whimsical. It comes across almost as if fairies bake the bread. It has an old feel to it while using only gray the design becomes modern.

I like this poster. It is high contrasting, informative, and unique in its type layout.

I like the base grid for this design, as well as the use of bold red and images. It is simple but yet still looks designed and modern.

This die cut typographic Thank You card uses the image behind the die cut type to give the front a “pattern” through the type windows. The image gives it color and also insures that each will be unique.

The designer of this stationary set plays with vintage elements, like ribbons, curls and turquoise and brings whimsy and contrast to the design to modernize it.

I love the compact, big, high impact type used on this packaging. Because of the large type it doesn’t need any decoration and it also is clear and high contrast.

This package beautifully shows off the product. The large reversed type where the product is showing through uses the color and texture of the product to draw emphasis to it. Using only white, black, and a touch of yellow as the palette the designer created a bold contrast to competitors when placed on the store shelf.

It is an ordinary concept, but this design has a nice slight surprise to it that made me take a second look at it. This surprise is how the designer used a light condensed sans serif for the type. This design conveys vintage class with modern edge.

By using illustrations and using a lighter, paler color palette, the designer reflects the old fashioned sense of design. The clean corners and simple text layout boost these old fashioned styles to the clean and clear standards of modern society.

This logo is simple, uncluttered, classic, modern and refined.

Tie-pography How clever is this? Using ties to form letters shows the conceptuality of the designer.