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  • Ren Hansen

    Tesla Model X = dream car. So not ever happening, but oh how I wish.

  • L. A.

    Tesla Motors Falcon Wings. Calling them doors would be an understatement. While earning serious style points, they’re functional first. Falcon Wings open up and out of the way, in even the narrowest of parking spots. You easily step, not climb, into Model X.

  • RM Fouché

    Tesla Motors was among the first companies to prove that electric cars didn't have to be sensible -- or slow. Now, the company has developed Tesla Model X, a family friendly SUV that can (if need be, moms and dads!) show a Porshe Cayenne a thing or three about speed and industrial design. And did I mention this car is proudly made in the USA?

  • Carolyn Rohde

    Tesla Model X. "Falcon Wing" doors. production 2014

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