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    This is me. Naked as the day I was born. Natural. No Photoshop. No tricks, no gimmicks. This is me. Stretch marks, rolls, chubb, funky looking elbow skin and all. This is me. Beautiful. Sexy. Intelligent. Funny. Strong. Caring. Loving. Affectionate. THIS IS ME.

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    Bodies come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, ages. They are all lovely vehicles with which we experience the world and deserve respect.

    reality is girls have stretch marks and instead of shaming and photo shopping people should accept and embrace it.

    If you are like me you have been conditioned to dislike this image. But why isn't it beautiful? Once again believing that there is only one kind of beauty. My body looks like this and it's beautiful

    "I chose to submit this photo because my father told me that he thought I was too fat to be employable. It’s not the best photo of me, nor is it my favourite. But it’s one that shows all of my flaws, all my 'fat bits' and all the bits that I hate, and yet I’m still really happy and full of joy. I try and teach myself to love the way that I look- so many of the other girls, bigger or smaller than myself, have such amazing confidence and self love, and I hope that one day I’ll have that too."

    Striking image, classy lingerie, fabulous coat and glasses, sky/backdrop is perfect shade of teal - Striking indeed.

    "it’s that time again, friendlies. what time, you ask? time for me to tell you to be proud of your body, no matter the size, color, shape, or condition! I am a size 26, and about 5’6. I am a fattyfattytwobyfourcantfitthroughthekitchendoor and that’s okay."

    Hey you! - I just saw this and realized that you don't see that this as how sexy you look in your panties - Oh it might only be an illustration but it was you that I saw - those fabulous hips and your sexy hot panties....

    Kate Dillon - People magazine named her one of their 50 Most Beautiful People!

    I'm a little disturbed by all the teeny-tiny ripped women with large fake breasts serving as "fitness inspiration" for so many women. I would rather look like Kate Winslet. Yes, I realize that she is still on the small side, but she is active and fit and yet still curvy and womanly. That's my ideal...

    Sooooo Sexy!


    *NSFW warning* Previous pinner said: "Repinning to show that even skinny Victoria's Secret models have side rolls... it's natural, so quit photoshopping and be proud :)"

    simple katie holmes.


    "I'm good this way too" almost brought me to #tears. Jacky O'Shaughnessy #bodyimage #aging #senior #grey #HerSolution

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    The other peacock dress I posted was PlusSize and I didn't realize it... so here's an even better one. I would LOVE this for my graduation dress ♥