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  • Shaunah Jones

    how do I unfollow someone?? it really shouldn't be this complicated... lol

  • Ashley Morford

    There are some people who's posts I see even after unfollowing them. Its really annoying. One person's pins take up the whole page. If any one knows how please let me know. I've already clicked the unfollow button.... im not following them anymore but they still show up so weird

    SCIENCE CHIC • 2 years ago

    me too I have 47 they say I follow I only follow one person my daughter

  • Donna Kelley Berardinelli Verrier

    would someone please tell us how to unfollow someone!

  • Billie Jo Carey
    Billie Jo Carey • 2 years ago

    I would like to know how to unfollow as well, just signed on and have 83 people I am following, makes no sense...tried to unfollow a few...and ended up with double of what I had in the first place. Grrrr....almost makes me want to deactivate my new account. Please help!!!

  • Linda Andre
    Linda Andre • 1 year ago

    I found that just clicking the unfollow button on each person doesn't work. I found that if you open the section with the people you are following. Click on the first one. Under their picture box is a bar with information about them. Look for the words "Unfollow All". Click on that and they will be gone from your list. The trouble is you have to go in to each person. Its time consuming. I think when you pin something from one of their boards, they show up in the list of people you are following.

  • Linda Andre
    Linda Andre • 1 year ago

    You do have to unfollow them first. Then go into their profile and "unfollow all". Then go back to your profile and do the next one.

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