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  • Savannah Trovillion

    That's so sad. It's ok kitty I didn't need to work anyway. We'll live under a bridge together and never be apart!

  • Dawn McGee

    Sad kitty because you're off to work

  • Sarah Tuma

    Cute Kitten -Whata' Guilt Trip! - Haha. how my kitty looks at me when i got to work or college

  • Izabella Martens

    :( every time I leave my heart breaks for my pets

  • Lisa Oakley

    Funny Pictures Of Cats - 21 Pics

  • Kasey Honeycutt

    pretty sure this is how my cat feels when i go to work, he attacks me and trys to hold me leg down. my mom said one time he stood at the door and cried when i left ):

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I do this to my cat all the time. And she loves it.


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"If you want to know the character of a man, find out what his cat thinks of him." -- Anonymous