Pink puya

Echeveria feeling so sad (EXPLORED 10-15)

Pink sunflowers yep, they now come in pink. I would grow them for their beauty!

Amazingly beautiful

Puya dyckioides -- The Pink Puya

Beautiful colour on this Bromeliade Succulent

Orchid: Dendrobium smilliae

Turquoise Puya berteroniana... gorgeous

Top 10 Rare & Unusual Flowers | #MostBeautifulPages

Large Cymbidium Orchid Sprays They almost look as if they are made of cake icing! Exquisite

Chocolate lilies - nature provides the BEST color inspirations!!! love this!

Gorgeous Camellia!

Fabulous hues of pink, purple and violet in this Fuchsia! Isn't it gorgeous?


Pink Mink ~ a Protea flower

Unbelievable perfection

Purple and Yellow Frilly Pansy; photograph by Joy Watson


Heliconia orthotricha 'Eden Pink

✯ Hawaiian Ginger