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    IF I ever have kids, I hope I do shit like this


    i probably will be this kind of parent one day xD jajajajaja am so sorry for you my lil daughter: Funny Texts, Funny Parent, Parent Text, Smiley Face, Funny Stuff, Text Messages, Parents Texting, So Funny


    hahaha!! Something my dad would say

    Dad's advice...LOL

    Always wondered how I was going to approach this in the future... now I know! Ha! LMAO!! I have a LONG time until I'll need this but I hope I'm this level headed about it!

    First of all this sounds like an amazing idea, and secondly this sounds very much like conversations I have everyday with my best friend lol.

    Awkward Parents - Dad :3Hey dad, remember when I killed that butterfly, and you said 'No butter for a week?'Yeah?And when I killed that honeybee, you said 'No honey for a week'Yeah, That was a month ago, so what?Mom just killed a cockroach, should I break it to her?...


    Quality parenting. Hahaha

    Oh dads!

    Bhahahaha! WIN.

    Epic dad - Ownage - Aug 21, 2012 -

    This sounds like an actual conversation between my son and me. Hilarious.

    I'm going to do this to someone... ;P It's adorable

    "smart phone" FAIL

    Protective Dad...I can see my hubby doing this, lol.

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    I should not have read this during my meeting today... People are staring.: Giggle, Boyfriend, Funny Stuff, Tickle Monster, So Funny