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Setting the world on fire: Stunning picture of rare 'devil tornado' emerges

California's wildfires have spawned a number of dramatic fire whirls, also known as fire devils, fire tornadoes or "firenadoes." What is a fire tornado, and how dangerous are they?

Thankfully, they rarely form into full-blown tornadoes however they are still incredibly destructive, especially if they occur amidst wild fire.

A Rare Fire Tornado Sprung Up In Missouri

Photo: May 2014 ~ A Missouri woman captured a picture of this pillar of fire as she was driving down a road in the town of Chillicothe on Sunday. It's since been dubbed the "firenado.

... of the value of Twitter as an instant communications tool– all we now have to do is point towards its adoption during this week's California wildfire ...

Fire Tornado --- California Wildfires 2003 = Many firefighters were killed when the fire suddenly changed direction trapping them with no way out.


Waterspout, Australia: Fair weather waterspouts begin at the surface of water and work upward. Tornadic waterspouts develop downward during a thunderstorm.

Tornado Engulfed by Fire: Swirling Inferno Caught on Tape After Flames Engulf Active Twister

Swirling Inferno Fire Tornado or "Firenado" Caught on Tape. A rare phenomenon that looks like a burning tornado is seen in amazing video.

Just some amazing stuff...

Just some amazing stuff...

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Freaky clouds! No take off today!

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Indian Ocean Tsunami Dec 26, 2004.place unknown.

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