why cats are awesome


Every cat.


cat positions


Need to do this with Rupert


Cat: What are you thinking?... Tap to see more cat humor quotes & meme. - @mobile9 #cat #humor #funny #animals

Wooden Cat Stacking Game. $19.99 - Each set includes six cats in various poses. Laser cut from solid teak, the cats come in 4 different sets including a vast array of cat poses such as the "stretch & yawn", "play time", "shrug of indifference," and the classic "feed me or I'll bite your legs." Cats measure approx. 1" x 1"

Whoever's got a cat knows this ;))

Cats. You learn to work around them. ;)

lol cats

Lady Pawpaw hahahahaha

how my cats see me


this is me.

From lol cats YES THEY DO!

Cats create purr vibrations within a range 20-140 Hz, known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses.

Cat lady love.