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[][][] Petrus Apianus - Astronomicum Caesareum - Ingolstadt, 1540 volvelle - medieval instrument consisting of a series of concentric rotating disks, used to compute the phases of the moon and its position in relation to that of the sun (via stthomas95-deactivated20110527)

Milagros means "miracles". These traditional metal charms are used to help that saint perform a miracle (hence the word "milagro"). There is supposedly a milagro for virtually every animal, every organ and every imaginable malady.

I shine in love & I shine out light.. I breathe in love I give out light... I see through love I radiate light.. To all those I meet and all in my sight.. may you bask in my light.. Om tat sat : Mo-fractal

Sparkling, moon shines over water. pinned with Bazaart pinned with Bazaart

Nocturnal, Italy, 17th century. A nocturnal is an instrument used to determine the local time based on the relative positions of two or more stars in the night sky

Astrolabe with geared calendar, ca.1221/22. This 13th century Persian astrolabe is the oldest complete device with cog wheels known. On the front side it is an astrolabe, linked to the calendar by a gear train. On the back, the disc shows the phases of the Moon | Oxford, Museum of the History of Science

Astronomicum Caesareum, May 1540, Michael Ostendorfer with hand-colored woodcuts. Renaissance manual explaining the use of the astrolabe (for calculating the altitude of stars) and other instruments used for computing planetary positions.