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So smart! Place eggs in a wire whisk before dipping into dye.

Dye Easter Eggs Ideas - You think that ombre effect look cool only on your dresser?

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Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs - Hop to it! These pretty Easter egg dyeing techniques are perfect for the kid in you. These dyeing and decorating ideas, including pretty egg coloring ideas and embellishments you can create with crafts supplies, ensure you'll have a very happy Easter.

Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Painted Easter Egg DIY

Everyone’s an artist when it comes to dyeing Easter eggs. This year, try something new. By using blue painter’s tape you can create richly colored eggs with bright white stripes. Add the tape to the hard-boiled eggs before placing them in the dye. Once the eggs have achieved the color you want, place them on drying rack. Once dry, remove the tape and pat yourself (and your kids) on the back for your amazing artistic skills. Get set for Easter at Kohl’s.

Hello Kitty hard boiled eggs

Gradient Easter eggs. Put dye in cup so bottom third of egg is covered. After a few minutes add water until half the egg is covered. Repeat until whole egg is covered.

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Easter Stickers at Michaels. www.ellenkrans.com

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