Project shows how the Earth goes around the Sun and the Moon goes around the Earth.

Sun-Earth-Moon model worksheet

FREEBIE: Create your own model to show how the Earth orbits the Sun while the moon travels around the Earth

This video comes straight from NSTA (National Science Teaching Association) and gives a fun lesson on how you can teach the phases of the moon. NSTA has their own YouTube channel where you can find tons of different activities and demonstrations that are great visuals for students while learning. It's a great resource for teachers to use if you're struggling with a topic in your classroom. It helps to look at the lesson from a different perspective.

Phases of the Moon

Students will create this diagram showing the phases of the moon. They can use oreos to create this. They can then record the same diagram with markers and eat the oreos, if allowed.

Easy Sundial Paper Plate Craft. That's a fun idea and would make a great homeschool project getting them to plot the sun moving the shadow round.

This video is great when talking about the orbit of the Earth and the rotation that makes up one day. Also how the sun is part of that day length.

Constellation Keychain~ Even if you don't teach science, find a way to weave this project into your curriculum. It's that cool!

Free shipping and returns on Thames & Kosmos 'Rocket Science' Experiment Kit at How to become a rocket scientist? This kit is a good start. A step-by-step manual guides kids (and adults) through 18 mind-propelling experiments, from a "stomp on" rocket launcher to water- and air-powered models that demonstrate action, reaction, gravity and inertia. So whether you're wondering about air pressure or trying to escape Earth's gravitation pull, this all-inclusive bundle makes a fun ...

The Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around the Earth hands on craft activity.

layers of the earth

Five Moon Activities for Kids to make and do at home.

Planet Project, great visual representation of the planets' distances

Earth and Space: Earths Rotation and Revolution (Seasons) Foldables |

Make it rain indoors with this cool project!

Moon Madness! If you teach about the moon don't miss this post! It's full of videos, activities and more!!

Great pic for teaching about the sun and earth, day and night.

For our plant unit... What happens when you put Indian corn in a pan of water?

Phases of the Moon view finder