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    Heirloom Tomatoes at a Parisian Market

    19 best heirloom plants | ‘Pink Accordion’ tomato | We planted some heirloom tomatoes. i hope that they look this good!

    Parisian Carrots (55 days)...A great little round carrot that is a nineteenth-century French heirloom. It "excels in clay or rocky soil where other carrots have problems developing properly". They say it works great for containers.

    Heirloom Tomatoes

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    The ‘Indigo Rose’ is a new, strangely-colored variety of tomato. The fruit is jet black on the outside and juicy purple-red on the inside. These colors might not sound very appealing, but black tomatoes are supposed to be very tasty, and most importantly, rich in antioxidants. Indigo Rose is a cross-breed between red and purple tomatoes, and is the latest ‘superfood’ to hit the market.

    Purple figs - who knew! Native to Turkey, they slowly spread throughout the mediterranean region including Spain; Spaniards then brought them to Mexico in the 16th century; Franciscan monks brought the dark purple fruit to San Diego-area missions in the 1800s and thus were named Mission figs... now grown in Texas, California, Lousiana, Georgia, and Alabama... ~ Инжир



    Heirloom sweet bell peppers. Save the seeds from your heirloom bell peppers-dry and save in paper envelope with name on it for your garden.

    Green Tomatoes

    Must-try tomato pie recipes!


    Tomato Chocolate Cherry seeds from Park Seed. Beautiful color and I hear they are incredibly sweet.

    eat | raw foods - tasting guide to heirloom tomatoes | eva kosmas flores of adventures in cooking

    Rainbow Blend Heirloom Tomatoes...Yum!

    Mexican vanilla bean...the base note of Aesthetic Content's Pelle Vanilla Luxury Scented Candle

    Colorful Corn / Image via Sunshine and Smile