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    from HONY: "The couple in the photo were located as a result of the HONY post. Man on the left is a graffiti artist. Woman on the right was serving as his lookout. She describes their relationship as a "whirlwind summertime romance." The woman is refusing to sign a release form until the man gets out of Rikers. Photographer Mo Gelder needs the release because he is the front-runner in Canon's Imagin8tion contest with Ron Howard. If he wins, a short film will be made based on the photograph".

  • Crysalin Pettway

    Romantic ‘Bonnie Clyde’ Criminals Caught Smooching In This Candid Photo

  • Caitlin McKoy

    This Badass Couple Kissing While Handcuffed Beats Your Summer Romance

  • Michelle Liorti

    Mo Gelber, a New York City photographer who specializes in street photography, took a picture of a couple kissing as they got arrested in August.

  • Cindy Heyd

    Mo Gelber's "Last Kiss" could be the basis for a Ron Howard film, if he can get his subjects' consent. Unfortunately, the man is still incarcerated. The couple were arrested after a graffiti spree in Manhattan. "I was just the look-out," said the woman, Alexis Creque . "We had a crazy romance all summer. It is like a movie.".

  • Daniel Ryan

    Aspiring photojournalist Mo Gelber captured this incredible image outside Manhattan Criminal Court last month and is now desperately trying to identify the photo's subjects: an attractive, young, handcuffed couple about to share a kiss while being escorted by police to the courthouse.

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gonna hitch us a ride to manhattan with dem fancy hats.

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