Beautiful photography: black and white, gold, hands, coffee stained cashmere

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A recent trend I have noticed in media is that a smaller, quirkier love is being romanticized. I feel like this is great. It encourages every girl/woman to lower her expectations and live in the moment. It encourages everyone to remember that a relationship is your story and you influence how it progresses. It is not just a story plot that you can brag to other people about.

summer days

Your intuitive heart is the doorway that stands between the two worlds. In your willingness to go against all reason, all defenses, all habits, all patterns, all superstitions, and many teachings, to say, “I will love,” you walk in the Light. You honor the illusion but you will never become lost in it. ~ Emmanuel


there's nothing wrong with a little glitter.

Glitter mess

Purple smoke bomb by Brianna Wettlaufer. -Loved and repinned by

dancing in the stars


A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow in Krakow, Poland


The picture add interest because its side ways, I love the flowers... So pretty!!

Gold Dust #Glitter #Shiny #Shimmer | Glitterit would be cool to have gold glitter against a snowy background!