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pink bubbles

Add pretty colors to your photoshoot... Play with paint!! Get it on your face and take portraits! :)

."You're beautiful" He said softly. His voice was gentle and genuine. The words surrounded her, a soft wispy cloud of pink smoke.

confetti shot!

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Photographer Takes Stunning Surreal Photos With An Old $50 Film Camera - "Oleg Oprisco is a brilliantly talented photographer from Lviv, Ukraine, who creates stunning surreal images of elegant women in fairy-tale or dream-like settings. He uses Kiev 6C and Kiev 88 cameras with medium-format film and a variety of lenses."

Life is what you make it: You're either barely keeping your head above water, or gleefully gliding through it...

let's party!

I love the idea of portraits behind books, pick a winner! I think this would work well for a e-shoots too, with the couple holding up a book to obscure parts of their face, or senior photos!!!


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